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Last night I had the strangest dream… no, really. Some details are missing, but it was about getting a new job in what I think was a notary’s office in a medium-sized town in England. Some scenes from my interview, after which I was immediately hired and started work on the spot. But there was very little work involved, all I seemed to do was wander around, staring at the furniture and annoying co-workers, all of whom were as witty as I was, and we had each other in stitches. (Hey, it was my dream.)

There was a commute to work, but one so short I blinked and missed it. The office was centrally located off some town square like Nottingham’s, with panelled walls, wires everywhere behind the desks, and strange portraits on the walls. The last thing I remember was a curiously-stuffed armchair in the lobby, with an strange name embossed on the cushions, like a reject from a Harry Potter book. Maybe it had magical powers?

I’ll never know, since my alarm went off and swept it all away. But it was nice while it lasted: wishful thinking on my part?

An hour later: remembering and writing about my dream has somehow brought together a number of different questions in my mind. I’ve been able to do a little research here at work, and I think I see a way to achieve real progress in my career. Or, to put it another way – a chance to actually have a career, and not just a job. It’s not the first time I’ve had ideas like these and, like before, I’m not going to write about them here so soon.


Written by brian t

May 20, 2004 at 5:33 pm

Posted in life, work

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