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On the topic of photos again: I talked to a colleague about it, someone also into photography, and it took us but a few seconds to go “Doh!”. My camera defaults to a wide angle when turned on, which exaggerated my features drastically. You can see the same effect on TV shows such as Jackass, where they use wide-angle lenses to make sure they get everything, and grotesque faces are hardly a problem. In a photo studio, however, there’s a reason why portrait photographers use zoom lenses (70-120mm on a 35mm camera): aforesaid colleague did a much better job, once we figured that out, and the results were usable, if hardly photogenic…

Meanwhile, things are afoot in my career, such as it is. Things that, if they come together as planned, will have my friends cheering me on and my foes… do I have foes? I have a lot of apathetics (gr?) who could hardly care less if the sky fell on my head. Whatever the response, it’s going to be an interesting personal challenge, on several levels.


Written by brian t

June 7, 2004 at 11:15 pm

Posted in photography

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