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Being a West Wing fan, I’m happily getting to see the last in the latest series. The President is trying to throw the first pitch of the baseball season in a bulletproof vest; Donna is in a German hospital, badly injured after a bomb blast in Gaza that killed several senior politicians. Josh rushes over there to see her, but is soon diverted in to back-door negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian factions, while the Irish press photographer Donna just slept with is there too, making Josh ask himself pretty heavy questions.

Donna’s condition worsens… will she survive till the next season? Her character is finally breaking out of her West Wing assistant role, but Josh has relied on her utterly, for six years in the White House, in more ways than the professional; could he cope without her? Could we? Hey, it’s only TV…

Can the same be said for Happy Tree Friends, on the other hand? OW!


Written by brian t

June 10, 2004 at 11:09 pm

Posted in television

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