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Still at work, downloading drivers. I rebuilt my notebook PC the other day, after an unwise attempt at disk partition modification. I normally use “Partition Magic”, which does the job pretty well, but this time I used Microsoft’s command line “DiskPart” utility. I gave the right command, and the utility returned an error like “your disk is not suitable for expansion”. But it was suitable, and it did appear to have done the job, according to the Disk Management screen. However, Windows Explorer did not recognize the change, and trashed files over the next day or so, to the point where “lsass.exe” was damaged and logging on caused an error and a (clean) shutdown.

The good news is that I had backed up all my data first, and I keep the freshest working data on my flash cards. I did not lose a byte, and reinstalled Windows XP while watching the last Euro 2004 quarter-final on Sunday. Tonight it’s the Service Pack and subsequent hotfixes, anti-virus, then maybe Microsoft Flight Simulator with the NY Megascenery addon pack. This time I’m going to experiment with stripping out even more of the Microsoft applications than I usually do, even Internet Exploiter (if that is possible). Mozilla, for me, now does it all, and better.


Written by brian t

June 29, 2004 at 7:10 pm

Posted in technology, windows

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