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It doesn’t stop there, either – today I received an email from another business school I had never heard of, Cranfield School of Management, saying “congratulations on your results, come and talk to us”. No business school is going to offer me a place on the basis of GMAT results alone, but so far they seem to be paying more attention to it than I thought they would. The strange thing was: I did better on the combined GMAT score than on any of the individual modules – must be an artifact of the marking process, bell-curves and all that statistical stuff – but it’s the combined score (680 points, 90% on the curve) that they seem to like.

One cloud on the horizon regarding my trip to Dubai: a possible baggage handler strike at UK airports, and I pass through Heathrow. I’m seriously wondering if I can get away with a single carry-on bag? It’s doable, if I carry mostly soft clothing, buy some gifts at the airport after check-in, etc. We’ve already agreed I can leave my notebook PC at home, I will just carry CF cards and a reader. I just ordered a new card and reader from Amazon today, along with a copy of Civilization III Gold Edition, which I have not played before and have been warned to expect a Whupping on when I get to Dubai. That’s OK, I’ll be doing a little Whupping of my own, using Command & Conquer: Generals.


Written by brian t

July 7, 2004 at 5:51 pm

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