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Am I expecting too much from this holiday? I hope not. There should be plenty of time to chill out, do nothing at all but relax and shoot the breeze. We should be playing a few games of Civilization III, and it strikes me as being a particularly sociable game: the turn-based nature allows you to take your time, plan strategy, and walk away and do something else for a bit, knowing it won’t fall apart while you’re away getting dinner.

This time I have built up a comprehensive checklist of things to do before I leave tomorrow. Only a few of those items are essential, but the rest will contribute to the smooth running of the holiday. All the usual stuff: out-of-office messages on my phone and email, things to pack, points to remember, like getting everything – and I do mean everything – in the one small case, or I won’t be permitted to take it on board with me.

Tomorrow is a half-day at work, and I don’t expect I’ll have much time to update this, so my next entry will probably be from Dubai, and probably not before the end of the month. Unless my plane goes Kersplash, in which case this site won’t get updated. Sayonara…


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July 27, 2004 at 5:12 pm

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