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Work? Wassat? OK, there is some going on, notably clearing my email InBox (down from 520 to 380 already – most of which predated my holiday, to be fair) and answering questions that (apparently) only I can answer. Not too many of those, since I have, in this job, been far more successful at Indispensability Avoidance than in the past, something I managed to identify as as cause of stress and tackle.

I’m also catching up on web news, blogs, forums, diaries, and so on, and found this interesting quote from Bill Nelson’s Diary:

My goal, my real game, for as long as I can remember, has been to sneak odd and very personal ideas in through the back door. All that sixth-form, palpitating faux-anarchism so predictably trotted out by fashion Marxists for the benefit of adolescents in bed-sits, far, far away from home has proved itself to be just as media sensitive and desperate as any poor dupe in search of a starring role on ‘Big Brother’. The arbiters of ‘fringe’ or contemporary alternative cultural taste are equally as corrupt and decadent as the very institutions they so enthusiastically declare war on. In fact, there is no war, just a mealy-mouthed resentment and a frustrated desire to join the ranks of the enemy. Come the revolution, and all that…


Written by brian t

August 9, 2004 at 1:25 pm

Posted in culture, politics, work

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