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I’m not one to put much stock in dream interpretation, possibly because I rarely remember them, but… last night I dreamed I was in a plane crash. It was a very short flight on a “puddle-jumper” over the sea. As we approached an airport on an island, I could see out the cockpit windows; we were clearly too high to land. The pilot then figured the same thing out, cut the engines and put the plane into a stall. We hit the end of the runway hard, and bounced over the end, into the sea.After that, however, it was almost fun: I had no problem getting out, and looked around to see if anyone else needed help, but no-one did. We got the message that everyone was out and all made it the short distance to the shore wall and struggled up. As the dream ended, I was pondering if I should swim back out to the floating plane and pick up some of my things, but I woke up at that point.

Interpretation? I see a connection with what may happen at work: my company just announced some horrible financial results, with talk of layoffs. I must be thinking that the company, or at least our division, hits the ground hard; but everyone gets out safely, perhaps even bending the situation to our advantage. We shall see.


Written by brian t

August 13, 2004 at 5:56 pm

Posted in life, philosophy, travel, work

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