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No more dreams: in the three minutes I spent on the web, looking at dream interpretations, I found some remarks suggesting a plane trip signifies uncertainty about my future, and a plane crash means I fear it can all go wrong. Which is fairly valid, but nothing about my painless escape from the crash, so I’ll take that as an expression of my confidence in my ability to get through the forthcoming changes. I think I’ll need it.

Not much to report from the last few weekend: I, like, totally vegged out, multitasking between a 18-hour game of Civilization III, books, and TV. I did something to my starboard neck muscles in Dubai, or on the trip back, and it’s still stiff and taking its time to recover. The highlights of my weekend were domestic shopping, for a fan and new pillows, and that’s about it.

The first Rush UK concert is three weeks away: I’ll be at that and the other 5 concerts they will do in the UK. Wouldn’t one be enough? Probably, but the Stalker Tour is also a symbolic event for me, possibly the last time I will do anything this nutty for music, as I slide towards my 40’s. It may be Rush’s last European tour, if the time elapsed since the last one is any guide, and may be my last such event too, since I’m having real problems with the rock concert experience, especially the sound quality.

It’s a holiday from work, from daily worries, a chance to immerse myself in music, on the road with a bunch of likeminded geeks. Though it includes RushEuCon2004, I don’t see it being a total Rush-fest, actually: there’s already talk of skiving off to go and see Gary Numan on a free night, and other social events besides the expected bulk beer consumption. I’ll be heading for the local guitar shops around the UK, and may drag a few other musos with me when I do. Which reminds me, I need to look for more activities to suggest to the other Stalkers. Later…


Written by brian t

August 18, 2004 at 9:51 am

Posted in life, music, philosophy

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