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The British Curse has struck again: the Media in the UK has a particular way of “supporting” people in an oppressive way that can soon become counterproductive. The effects can be seen:

  • in politics, in their treatment of every Prime Minister since Gladstone;
  • in entertainment, when bands like Radiohead or Coldplay are hailed as the saviours of mankind, and respond by hiding or deliberately shirking their alleged “responsibilities”;
  • in Sport. Paula Radcliffe is the holder of the Marathon World Record time, and was expected to win Gold in Athens, but today she became the latest in a long line of Britsh athletes to wilt under the weight of expectation. The conditions were tough, with hard roads and high temperatures, and she blew a gasket after 22 miles of the 26. Care to guess what tomorrow’s headlines will be?

Americans seem better at handling such pressure; with such a huge Olympic presence, there will be enough medal winners to reduce the pressure on any individual, but I also think the nature of the pressure is a factor: to me they seem less blindly demanding, better at leaving people alone when that is required. I’m not saying they get it easy

Today was mostly spent on finishing my MPC1000 MIDI Tutorial, in which I’ve tried to make MIDI arcana more relevant to the kind of MPC1000 user I meet on the MPC Forums: this powerful box has landed on their desk, and they have no idea how to make it control their keyboards, sound modules, and other MIDI devices. I find this kind of “work” relaxing, since it’s optional and there are no deadlines attached. I could muck around with diagrams, sparring with OpenOffice’s patchy support for Microsoft formats, and so on.


Written by brian t

August 22, 2004 at 8:48 pm

Posted in england, music

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