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My last Japanese class was a month ago, and I’ve taken a breather from it since then: even our class visit to the Ukiyo Sake Bar (Exchequer St., Dublin) didn’t involve much actual Japanese speech. My dictionary says Ukiyo – 浮世 – means “floating world”, a reference to an artistic movement in the Edo period.

The Rush Stalker Tour is two weeks away, and we now have the final itinerary. It won’t be stressful at all, and I’ll carry my Japanese books and papers with me. I should have a little time for shopping and mucking around in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. After the last concert, I have a visit to another old school chum. I deliberately chose a Saturday as my last day, and the plan is to load up on any PC bits I find in the Saturday markets in London. I’m in the market for a new PC, something small and quiet, power is no longer such an issue for me. Another function I want it to perform is the Personal Video Recorder (PVR) role, to replace my old, clunky VCR. (It’s not that old, actually, but it is incredibly noisy.)


Written by brian t

August 24, 2004 at 7:47 pm

Posted in japan, life, technology

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