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Before this trip, I was imagining that I could wander into the centre of London, grab a coffee, sit down on the grass in Soho Square, and update my Blog from the iPaq. How realistic was that? Like, Totally, as it turns out. I sat down, plugged in the wireless card, and had a good free connection after two minutes of testing access points with WiFiFoFum. I’m offline as I type this, to save power, but will go back on shortly to upload.

Yesterday’s attempt, from the queue at the airport, actually worked too, except that the filename was slightly off: INDEX.PHP is not the same as index.php on a UNIX web server, the latter being the correct file that wasn’t overwritten with fresh blog yesterday, but will be today.

The Rush concert last night was a blast in every way: but I left my earplugs at the hotel, having forgotten what Wembley Arena was like. I still haven’t recovered, and may skip tonight if I don’t feel better later.

This iPaq MicroKeyboard is good, but painful to use for too long, so I’ll stop now, upload this, and go back to enjoying the sunshine. Later.


Written by brian t

September 9, 2004 at 1:14 pm

Posted in blogging, internet, london, music

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