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The Rush Stalker Tour is almost over: I’ve just checked out of the hotel in advance of the longest of the bus trips, from Glasgow back to Birmingham for the final concert.

The essentials of the trip – concerts, transport, hotels – have all been adequate, but the “organization” of the social side has been non-existent. Those who took part were those who were willing to sit in the hotel bar long enough to get bored, reach a consensus, and invade a pub or restaurant en masse. I’m obviously not one of those, so I missed out.

After five nearly identical concerts, I think I’m learning more about the dynamic organization required to stage a show like Rush’ and take it on the road. Monday night’s missed social gathering was reportedly gatecrashed by some Rush crew, including sound man Howard Ungerleider, whom I would have loved to talk to about the geeky side of concert sound reproduction, like how the hell they cope with the sound in those sheds they use.

I’m doing this now because I’m not sure how much privacy I will have on the bus; if that arises, I can get some more work done on my long-running writing project. I started a major revamp yesterday, noting how some of my “exposition” was clunky, and other bits have been overtaken by real-events. (Some of it dates back to 1997, when I predicted a technology like Bluetooth, and systems along the lines of


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September 15, 2004 at 9:55 am

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