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On the bus back to London; the Rush Stalker Tour is already officially over, since the organisers are not with us, they’re heading back north to Yorkshire.

A worthwhile trip overall, plenty of good music and time to think. Now I have two days in London, with the prospect of movies and PC shopping. The city may still be in an uproar after yesterday’s shocking scenes surrounding the Parliament vote on fox-hunting. I don’t plan to go anywhere near Whitehall, of course.

I made what I think is a major breakthrough in the story I’m working on: I can use some of my recent experiences in Dubai to close a glaring hole in the plot, and use Dubai’s unusually critical position to give things an edge. By position I mean more than the physical, but also the political situation. The UAE has many of the hallmarks of a democracy, but is actually a monarchy, where I can get the characters to make major changes “because the Sheikh says so”. This gives my main character a diplomatic challenge to tackle.


Written by brian t

September 16, 2004 at 12:40 pm

Posted in books, england, travel

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