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Today’s word of the day, courtesy of Aibohphobia, the fear of palindromes.

Japanese lessons started again today, the “intermediate” course. I don’t think we’re doing well as a group, but 先生 (sensei) seems to be satisfied. We’ve just started with the -te verb forms, the most useful and common, but also the most complex and bizarre. It didn’t help that one of the verbs that came up in the lesson is apparently not a verb but a “phrase”, according to 先生, though my dictionary says otherwise. The verb in question is いけます (ikemasen), meaning “forbidden” or “not permitted”, but I thought it came from 行ける (ikeru) meaning “travel” or “be good at”, so ikemasen means “can’t go” or “is a bad thing” the way I read it. So it is a verb, just not commonly used as one today. Me think too much.

Written by brian t

September 20, 2004 at 10:31 pm

Posted in humour, japan

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