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I have to vent, since another attack of Gear Avarice Syndrome (G.A.S.) is in full effect, the first this year. The subject this time is the Alesis Micron synthesiser, the new small version of the successful Ion that came out last year. I played the Ion a few times in the shops, including last week in London, so I know what the Micron will sound like, since it has the same “engine” and the sounds are compatible.I was concerned about what they would leave out of the Ion in the process of shrinking it down to less than half the size, but I now have a PDF copy of the manual, reading about the features they have added, the crafty way they are getting the same functions out of fewer knobs. OK, it won’t be as friendly as the Ion, which had a knob for every major function and more real-time control knobs, but leaving those off cuts a couple of hundred pounds off the price. Still, I won’t rush in to it, I don’t see how the demand will allow for any major discounts, this year anyway.


Written by brian t

September 21, 2004 at 9:28 pm

Posted in music, technology

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