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The newspapers are full of stories about the singer formally known as Cat Stevens, known as Yusuf Islam since he converted to Islam in 1977. He was flying to the USA with his daughter when the US authorities realized he was on board, diverted the plane to Bangor, Maine, escorted him off and sent him back to London later. He had been refused entry to Israel a few years ago, for allegedly giving money to Hamas, even though he has repeatedly advocated peaceful resolution of problems. In a slightly ironic twist, members of Marillion were on the same plane, and were interviewed about the incident: I expect we’ll be hearing about this in a song, some time in the future. “It’s A Wild World”, eh?

I’ve been learning about XML over the last few weeks, and today I started investigating the possibility of making this site XML-compliant. It turns out that the HTML-Kit program I’ve been using is well-suited to this, and I was soon able to get most of the pages shifted to Strict XHTML (XML-compliant HTML). Only the Blog sections need more work now, because the internal name tags I used don’t follow the specification, I will need to change them manually; a job for an afternoon, but not a problem, they will just be different, nothing will be lost in the change. I did have to remove some non-compliant formatting, however, such as <font> tags and some Table settings that Strict XHTML expects you to put in Stylesheets instead, nothing serious.


Written by brian t

September 23, 2004 at 8:13 pm

Posted in politics, religion, travel

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