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Someone on Henry St., Dublin’s main shopping street, has unsecured wireless internet access. OK…

1/2 hour later: this is ridiculous. I’m sat on a bench next to the Liffey, in the heart of Dublin, with free internet access. I can’t even tell whose bandwidth I’ve been poaching, since all three access points I’ve connected to had SSIDs of “Wireless”, “SMC”, “Apple” – the latter two being wireless equipment makers – but nothing that indicates the current owner.

In the unlikely event that an administrator logs this page’s FTP upload and reads this: you’re an idiot who needn’t bother moaning at me, just secure your bloody network. If you don’t know how, contact me and I’ll enlighten you without charging my usual consultancy fee, which you probably can’t afford anyway.


Written by brian t

September 25, 2004 at 7:10 pm

Posted in internet

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