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I’m browsing a few Usenet messages, and someone on made the mistake of asking for a quick definition of Newton’s law of gravitation. It didn’t take too long for the discussion to hit the following level:

According to Newton, bigger things suck more, but if you’re sucked by something, you blow as much as they suck, and if nobody sucks you, you just go on doing what you were doing before.
Ori Pessach

OK, I give up… my head is still spinning a little from the Japanese class earlier this evening, after all. We have 先生 telling us this is a difficult section, and she’s not kidding. Getting a verb from the “dictionary” form to the commonly-used forms is a tricky multi-stage process, with added complications such as the way you use two or more verbs in a sentence means mixing the forms up in a particular way. She tells us it will be easier after we get over this hill, which may mean more to her than to us, since she’ll be about nine months pregnant by the end of this course, the silly mare…


Written by brian t

September 27, 2004 at 10:53 pm

Posted in internet, japan, philosophy

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