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I’ve started logging website referrals again, and it’s looking very different from the last time. There are many referrals from the MPC Forums and, a site belonging to a developer working on a program editor, now with a link to my MPC1000 FAQ on the front page. I’m also seeing search engines returning results from searches for “MPC1000” and “MIDI”, “tutorial”, “FAQ”. There are also some Rush-related searches, mostly finding my review of Peart’s Ghost Rider.

Then there are the odd ones…

  • I have no idea what is going on at . The Japanese text reads something like “here’s a useful link”, but I can see no reason for it.
  • Ditto for: . I think the webmaster just likes the rotating logo.
  • OK, I did include the Kanji for “sushi” back in March, which Google found, that’s understandable.
  • Palladino vs Entwistle: the former joined The Who’s tour after the latter died back in June 2002. (Over two years ago? Sheesh.) It’s not like they’re competing, folks.
  • What is “Grant’s Topographic Memory”? Whatever it is, bits of it are found here, as are “Southern California Tsunamis” and a “pretty Indian girl”.
  • Then there’s the man – must be a man – who Googled* for “huge breasted Germans” and wound up in my August 2004 blog, when I saw Germans in Dubai, then breast reduction surgery on Channel 4. That’s what I get for dividing this blog into month-sized chunks, I suppose.

* Yes, I know – Verbing a Noun is a typical Americanism, but it suits Google.

Now it’s after midnight – I should retire, I suppose. Night Night.

Written by brian t

September 28, 2004 at 11:51 pm

Posted in internet

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