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I spent too long in and around London today, so I got to the hotel later, and more tired, than I would have liked to. I decided to skip the Terry Pratchett Fan Meet, which would have been a bit much to tackle without a chance to rest first. Now I’m on the Docklands Light Railway heading back into London, for a little late-night shopping.

Besides, I was having second thoughts about the Meet. Gatherings of strangers can be incredibly awkward, even with a common discussion topic, and I’m always aware that I’m not actually needed there. It can be difficult for an outsider to participate in some tightly-focused groups at all, when conversations are founded on a common subtext or back-story that you are not privy to. I’ve been guilty of doing that on occasion, when the subjects relate to computers and/or music.

I did get a chance to play with the Alesis Micron today, and I think I will probably pick one up on Monday. It’s small but well-built, the user interface is the best I’ve seen on a synthesizer anywhere near this tiny, and I have only enjoyed a small taste of the sonic potential so far. This is also one of the rare occasions when the staff in the store – Brixton Exchange Mart, Hammersmith branch – helped me make a purchasing decision: they could hardly have been nicer and more helpful, even pre-empting some questions, and happy to chat away about music in general.


Written by brian t

October 30, 2004 at 9:04 pm

Posted in books, life, london, music

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