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Getting ready for the move to a new apartment this weekend, I spent the early evening boxing up my music gear, books and DVDs. I definitely have way too much stuff, but the virtual world hasn’t yet caught up with the real world, and these things are part of my life. I haven’t got to the CDs yet, but that part will be fairly straightforward by comparison. I’ve hired a “man with a van” for Saturday afternoon, and it will be a “dump and go” job: get the stuff over, in bin bags if necessary, then sort it all out later. Our new place is smaller than this one, though my own space there is bigger, and there are just two of us.

I have a week off coming up later this month, during which I expect to do as little as possible. Read books, play some more keyboard and guitar, cook, watch movies. I don’t know if the final extended part of Lord Of The Rings will be out by then, but it will be due, and I can always watch the first two parts in preparation for its release. I must be the only person on this planet who has not seen The Return Of The King yet, by choice: I’ve been a year behind all along, waiting for the extended DVD editions.

People who know me may be shocked by the following news: I’ve actually found myself smiling in recent months. It’s just not something I’m used to doing, and didn’t think it meant too much to not do it, but I have found it strange. Things are happening that are validating the ways I’ve tackled different problems, personal and professional. Some of it is pure schadenfreude, where I can say “I told you so”, but other questions are leading to positive results all round, with no losers. It’s good to know that I’m not going mad, neither am I disconnected from reality: it doesn’t get much more real than helping take care of a baby, as I was doing back in August, even if it was someone else’s.

Most importantly, I’m far better at dealing with stress and having a real life outside work. I’ve been accused of being blasé, just once, but that was missing the point totally: I simply don’t have the same concerns or priorities as some people, something I will not apologise for, and neither will I allow them to make their problems mine.


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November 4, 2004 at 11:24 pm

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