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Crumbs, Crivens, Crikey, and any other suitable pseudo-swearwords you can think of: I have way too much stuff, and my flatmate can say the same. It took us all Saturday morning to get it ready for shipping, but at least it all fit in the van we rented, barely, and survived the trip. The move is almost over, barring a trip to the old place tonight to pick up a final few things (after my Japanese class), another trip tomorrow for final cleaning (since I won’t have time tonight), and meeting the landlord on Wednesday to hand over the keys and collect our deposits.

The new place is looking fairly good, I have a much larger bedroom with my music and AV gear set up, even the Cable TV connection worked first time. The rest of the place is small, however, no place to unpack books and DVDs, so they’re still boxed up, and will likely remain so until I figure it out. I may have to do for my DVDs what I did for most of my CDs: ditch the plastic cases, keep only the discs and cover sheets. The exceptions in both cases are those DVDs in special packaging, of course. My large suitcase, which holds the other cases, is set to become part of my bedroom furniture, there is no space large enough for it. I’m seriously considering stacking bricks under my bed base, to offer me storage space under there.

The previous tenants didn’t do a very good job of cleaning the place, especially the bathroom, and there were some strange omissions in the furnishings: we had a TV, kettle, toaster, dual oven… but no draining trays, bath mats, or toilet brush. Don’t get me started on the washing machine, I’ve done what I could by cleaning out years of clogged soap from the powder tray and accumulated crap from the filter, including the shreds of someone’s lost credit card and several humungous bra underwires. (Ladies of all sexes: follow the laundry instructions on the box, will you? You ought to know what an underwire can do to the pump, and how much it costs to fix…)

My Kawai K5000S is probably the single most valuable object I own, thanks to its rarity, and it survived inside swathes of bubble-wrap inside its padded gig bag, and is now set up: I actually made a small start on a new piece last night, using Sonar as my main sequencer. With this move out of the way, and a week of no work or anything else coming up, I should be able to relax again. Yay!


Written by brian t

November 8, 2004 at 10:18 am

Posted in dublin, life, music

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