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The Japanese work I put in on Sunday seems to have paid off, and I’m a lot happier with the verbs; boring as it sounds, it’s a critical part of the language training which has taken up most of the semester. It’s also showing up some limitation in our teacher’s methods, I have to say. For example, she’s treating verbs as a something to be memorized on their own, not taking advantage of common roots behind the words. This is the kind of thing that jumped out at me:

  • 広い (hiroi) = wide, spacious (adjective)
  • 広げる (hirogeru) = to widen, enlarge (verb)
  • 広げる (hirosa) = extent, area (noun)
  • 広場 (hiroba) = plaza (noun)
  • 広く用いる (hirokumochiiru) = widely used (expression)

Makes sense, and something similar happens in English (wide, widen, width, widely), but Sensei was actually annoyed that I noticed it happening here too, and said “don’t do that”. Sorry, too late…


Written by brian t

November 16, 2004 at 11:04 pm

Posted in japan

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