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2005-01-bray-02The Pentax *ist DS was here when I got home on Friday evening, so that largely did for the weekend.

I can see I have a lot to learn about photography, analogue or digital, which makes this an excellent camera for me. It has to be among the most user-friendly of all such “prosumer” cameras, so-called (I think) because it has easy Picture modes alongside Program and Manual modes. The Picture modes set the camera up for typical shooting scenarios – portraits, close-ups, landscapes, moving objects, and the Auto Pict mode which switches between those other modes. The Program modes give you partial exposure control, and Manual mode gives full control.

I could go on about features like this that are not unique to this camera, but it’s the way they’re packaged that makes all the difference, in a modern digital body that can accept fifty-year-old lenses. I have four, including a brand-new auto-focus lens that came with the camera, and another decade-old manual-focus 50mm lens. Even today, on a quick trip down the coast to Bray, I soon found myself switching from the Picture modes into Aperture Priority, which is how to set up low-depth-of-field effects and more. I suspect my photographic output is going to increase dramatically, and I should look for a dedicated photo hosting solution, it might be too much for this little site alone to handle. One called PBase has been recommended by other Pentax users on the DPReview forums, so that will be the first place to look.


Written by brian t

January 23, 2005 at 7:00 pm

Posted in dublin, ireland, photography

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