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The swivel to Pivot on this blog has gone through rather well, despite a few teething problems with user IDs. Still on the topic of swiveling and pivoting: I’m in the market for a decent tripod for my new camera.

The web server program (Apache) on my server runs under an administration account, since it serves multiple clients, and that includes PHP scripts. It only becomes an issue when those scripts create files, as Pivot and SPGM (the picture gallery) do, and when they do that the user ID on those files is “nobody”. That’s better than “root”, and allows me to work with those files, but if I modify one of those files offline and upload it, that operation takes place under my own user ID. That leads to a failure of the copy at times, sometimes a good thing, since the files I’m overwriting are auto-generated, and I shouldn’t be making such changes. At other points the files are the ones I’m creating directly, where I need to overwrite them. I’ll need to be more selective with the user IDs and permissions on the directories, which will mean a little work.

As for a camera tripod: should be simple, right? Hardly: looking at just two major manufacturers, Gitzo and Manfrotto, presents a bewildering array of options, construction materials, head types, with anything as serious as my camera costing a hefty sum. I expect a truly professional photographer would not balk at such prices, saying “you get what you pay for”, but I’m definitely a light traveller, physically and financially. I’m trying to develop a “have camera, will travel” posture, but the most serious tripods are so large and expensive that they would make travel more difficult than it already is. More research is needed.

The first Japanese lesson of the new year went off fairly smoothly. I’ve retained the grammar, which is good, but I’m still struggling with the sheer amount of new vocabulary being thrown at us. Last night was just revision of last year’s work, but that still included plenty of new vocabulary, and many more words that we saw just once and never mentioned again.


Written by brian t

February 1, 2005 at 11:20 am

Posted in photography, sitenews

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