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CSI, The Next Generation

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I’ve been following Wil Wheaton’s Weblog for some time now, and it’s frankly riveting stuff. For years Wil’s been trying to leave ST:TNG’s Wesley Crusher behind, or at least step out of the shadow it casts on his resumé – stereotyped precocious child star, and all that. It was such a defining role, one that had him being called all sorts of names, that it affected his acting career, but also led to a second career as an author and speaker, neither necessarily related to Star Trek either. His Weblog tells of his life as a jobbing actor in LA, including some comedy improv, as well as his life as a writer and family man. He’s had a rough couple of weeks, with a feline illness in the family, auditions, and so on, but yesterday he started off an entry “and now for something completely different”, and I was grinning by the time I got to the end of it.

After all the drama with his cat, and the auditions, Wil had some good news to report: not only was his audition succesful, but the producers liked him so much they bumped him up in the casting order. He’ll soon be appearing on CSI, in a major role as a homeless person who becomes a primary murder suspect in an episode. Sounds meaty! It’s about time he got a break; if what he says is correct, he may have cost himself a role a few years ago by mentioning it in his weblog, after which it was reported and he was reprimanded. This time he asked, naturally.

Of course, fans of Wesley Crusher are probably not going to like this.. tough!


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February 8, 2005 at 8:07 pm

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