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I have been rather lax on some aspects of this site, and one of those is the Font I use. Time for a rethink, methinks.

Until now I’ve liked the Courier (New) style, because it fit the “workaday” style of the site, but the addition of the Image Galleries, and this Pivot-based Blog, have made it a little more complicated and interesting. One requirement I have it that the fonts are cross-platform, covering at least Windows, Linux, and the Mac, and while Courier fit that bill nicely, I think it’s time I paid a little more attention to the aesthetics of typefaces.

After a little research, I came to roughly the conclusions espoused on DesignTutor, and will be trying out Georgia for a while. I’ve also removed the extra Padding statements I had used – I think they were causing more problems than they resolved, so I’ll take a little time to see if they’re still necessary.

I can see there’s a little problem with the right-hand bar overlapping onto the main section – which is not common to all browsers I’ve tested – and I’m also getting “referral spam”, the fake “referral” addresses in that column. Gee, I can’t even have a referral list up without it getting abused, eh? Off it comes: referral monitoring has been the source of some amusement in the past, and it’s still in effect on the rest of this site, but if someone really links to this blog I hope they will post a comment or let me know by mail.


Written by brian t

February 17, 2005 at 3:38 pm

Posted in sitenews

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