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gee whiz bang

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Quick update with not much information, since not much has been happening. I’m still coughing up chunks, two weeks after getting ill, and still not back up to speed mentally, or so it feels. I am still doing my job, some of which can be mentally demanding SAN investigation, but I still feel woozy, as if my brain is deprived of oxygen. My appetite is also taking its time in returning, but that’s not something I’m inclined to encourage.

Last night I started watching Sex: The Annabel Chong Story on Channel 4, and I really wish I hadn’t. A mix of obviously staged “reality” scenes with the star of the show, in between segments of Chong’s defining moment: a 251-man gang bang. On hearing about the latter I couldn’t help wondering about the practicalities of such an event, but was still surprised that the thing that stopped it going further was some guy with long fingernails who injured a, well, sensitive area.

It’s the concept that is giving me the willies – pun intended. Why the hell would anyone want to be gang banged more than 250 times? Anyone – feminist, porn star, historian of the relation between sex and religion – anyone? Chong (not her real name) was a university student at the time, and had some cod-feminist theory about how mass coitus was once linked to religious or pagan celebrations, but she also claimed to enjoy it, claimed to be alienated by it, claimed to be affected and unaffected at the same time. The “behind the scenes” parts of the film appear as staged as the gang bang itself.

I didn’t even get halfway through the film: I recorded it, but will probably tape over it. My life is really too short for this. The most amusing part was seeing legendary porn star Ron Jeremy in a frankly paternal role, concerned about her wellbeing and hating the idea of being roped into an event he was merely covering for the (porn) media.


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March 14, 2005 at 5:57 pm

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