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it’s too loud, and I’m too old

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Since it is usually too loud, I must be getting old. My tolerance for self-abuse is waning, actually. Last night I got fairly sloshed on an absurdly small quantity of beer, by the standards I think I remember. It seems to me that the length of the session is as much a factor as the rate of consumption; after the first pint, I rarely beat a pint per hour these days.

Not that I’m complaining, mind – it saves money – but I still had a mild hangover at work today. On top of which my desk neighbour was on the phone to various Austrian cellphones all morning, which made it difficult to concentrate on my own work. I can’t complain there, either, especially since he gave me an Easter Egg this morning, as a thank you for something I helped him with this week. I’m at work both today and Monday: Easter means nothing to me at all, except in the way the roads and trains are clogged, or closed down for maintenance, and as a member of Chocoholics Anonymous.

Religion left me behind a long time ago, or did I leave it behind? Probably the latter, because I can move quicker since I dropped the burdens of Sin, Guilt and Obligation that the Catholic Church uses to control its subjects. Am I supposed to be upset that the Pope Idol is still ill, yet still alive? Maybe he’ll be winched into his bulletproof Popemobile (now that’s “faith in action”) for a sortie around the Vatican. They could replace him with a robot for all the interaction he has with the people. (“Now with new improved blessing action! Kiss the ring today!”)

Oh, and if I haven’t mentioned Orbiter before… the 2005 edition is even better, and its all free. Just be prepared to read the documents and use your head. It’s not a game, but you aren’t left calculating orbital vectors on your own – you do have computer assistance, but you still have to know the terminology and what questions to ask. Aligning to the orbit normal doesn’t mean your orbit is normal, for example; it means pointing your craft at a right angle to the plane of your orbit, an attitude used in aligning your orbit with that of another ship.


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March 25, 2005 at 8:07 pm

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