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“Mommy, why are you smiling?”
“Have you heard of ‘psychological warfare’?”
(shakes head)
— Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman), Desperate Housewives

I am almost speechless at the international reaction to the death of Pope John Paul II. Every media outlet has been gushing about the guy’s merits, mostly forgetting that he rejected all modern ideas of morality, preferring to stick to the orthodox views. This was most visible in his attitudes to sexuality: never mind gay or women priests, he wouldn’t even reconsider the use of birth control, even in desperately over-populated countries like Mexico.

It was completely and utterly over-the-top, and I’m not the only one to feel that way. The Independent talks about the cult of John Paul II; another comment piece asks “are we hypocrites to mourn the Pope?”. Yes, if you actually do that – which is not to be assumed.

Even Prince Charles – the future leader of the Church Of England FFS – has postponed his own wedding so that he can attend the funeral. Did Henry VIII risk eternal damnation for nowt? 😎 Get a grip, people. Don’t let a religious leader’s death interfere with your lives. There will be another one along in a week, just watch for the white smoke.

Here at work, all hell is breaking loose: too many cases with people off ill, and now major disruption due to changes in the desk layout. I nearly blew my lid when someone started disassembling my neighbour’s desk while he was away for a few minutes; I stopped it right away. The upshot is that other teams need the space we currently inhabit, but we can relocate into a smaller space than before, because there are fewer of us. It means another change of desk, possibly as soon as next week. Great.

Written by brian t

April 5, 2005 at 6:29 pm

Posted in culture, religion

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