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One sign that you’ve seen too much television is when you start recognising stars from one show when they appear on other shows. Tonight’s episode of ER featured a cardiovascular sugeon operating on a stroke victim, successfully reversing her cranial arterial blockage. All well and good, but it’s distracting when the surgeon is Tim Russ, best known as Tuvok in Star Trek: Voyager, and the patient is Cynthia Nixon, best known as Miranda from sex and the city. New ER regular Parminder Nagra originally hit the limelight in Bend It Like Beckham, while another surgeon, Leland Orser, has been in just about everything.

Not content with playing the straight brother on Judging Amy for a while, Dan Futterman has done a pseudo-gay man in sex and the city and a slightly confused one onWill & Grace. Now I’m watching The West Wing, which has even had Matthew Perry in a “bunjee” role a few years ago: he dropped in, uncovered a scandal that led to the resignation of the Vice-President, and dropped off the radar. This year is the start of Election season, and the list of potential candidates is amazing: Alan Alda (M*A*S*H), Ed O’Neill (Married With Children, Dragnet), Brian Dennehy (F/X, Romeo+Juliet), Gary Cole (Office Space, Dodgeball), and Jimmy Smits (LA Law), who is looking like the star of upcoming seasons. This season (6) takes us up to the first Primaries; after that, well, there will need to be some creative writing involved in keeping up the interest in the current incumbents.

I think need a holiday away from a television…


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April 15, 2005 at 5:36 pm

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