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A while ago I admitted being slightly bemused by the current Tagging fad floating round the Internet. A classic case of “can’t see the forest for the trees”: the wider question of “why” gets a good explanation under the following Wikipedia article: Folksonomy.

I started seeing links to pages on my site from, but visiting that site didn’t shed much light on what was actually happening. The answer is actually fairly simple in concept: it’s a “social bookmarks manager”; when someone creates a entry they are creating a bookmark, like you can do in your browser, but extended to be (a) public, and (b) tagged with your choice of keyword.

For example, I have several pages on this site relating to the Akai MPC1000 hardware sequencer/sampler, which I own, so I added a link to my main mpc1000 page on with the “mpc1000” tag. Others are free to do the same, and you can see the results at – a page generated “on-the-fly” from their database. The URI format is sensible – just replace the “mpc1000” tag with any other to bring up the relevant page. You can also get a RSS feed to add to your newsreader,

Since the “folksonomy” is ad-hoc and arbritrary, there is a lot of misplaced tagging, but the major tags are generally agreed on. Since I’m learning the Japanese language, can I pick out a page without searching, just by editing the URI? Let’s try a few:

Make too many queries in a short period, and they don’t like it – you get banned for 30 minutes!

Other strange referers I’ve seen include some sites that appear to “wrap” this site for some reason – I have no idea what a legitimate use for this might be. Examples include and I’m not going to link to them; my banner blocker goes into overtime on, and the one that got through was some soft porn commercial. Bloody bottomfeeders.


Written by brian t

May 6, 2005 at 12:08 pm

Posted in blogging, internet, web 2.0

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