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No, not Paris Hilton, who’s apparently gotten engaged to a guy named… Paris. No, I’m referring to the Paris Air Show, which I only found the dates for today. It falls right in the middle of my fortnight off, so I was on to Air France like a shot and found a very acceptable return fare to Charles de Gaulle airport.

The show looks to be great, with possibly the first public appearance of the Airbus A380, now the largest plane in the world, plus many static exhibits and flight displays. Then there’s the trip itself: my flight out is early morning on Saturday 19th, and my return flight just over 24 hours later. I thought about crashing out at the airport overnight, but that was a silly idea when I could book a room at the airport Formule 1 for €26 ($30 / £16).

Just one more week until I have the fortnight off… can’t hardly wait.


Written by brian t

June 3, 2005 at 8:21 pm

Posted in france, travel

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