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Blimey: I have two days left to wind things up with my everyday casework before I head off for a fortnight’s holiday. This is an exhausting process of weeding through the open cases I have and negotiating a closure with the customer (via the call centre folks who sent them my way), or negotiating with one of my colleagues to handle the matter in my absence.

To make matters more bizarre: I’m being asked to fly to Ratingen in Germany (near Düsseldorf) to deliver training for a few days, less than four weeks from now, just a week after I get back. The week in between will be spent preparing for that trip, mostly, so the result will be a month away from my normal work. Suits me just fine. I’ve been covering for other travellers for the last few months, and need a break from the daily grind.

Friday night will mean a visit to the pub for yet another leaving bash, the second of many to come. A good thing someone was handing out free samples of an anti-hangover product on the way to work earlier this week, Seems a little strange to be taking calcium carbonate and activated charcoal, and it doesn’t claim to absorb alcohol, but other unfriendly chemicals. I’ll give it a go – don’t want to start my holiday with a sore head.


Written by brian t

June 8, 2005 at 6:26 pm

Posted in travel, work

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