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germany on $500-a-day

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Not that I’m seeing any of that, mind – it’s what our internal clients are being charged, for me to deliver training, plus expenses. A delay in getting out the office door meant that my trip to the airport on Monday was slightly fraught. I ended up arriving just after check-in closed, but the “closing” desk queue wasn’t too long, and I would have made it even had the flight not been delayed.

From Düsseldorf airport it was a very short trip to the hotel. It could have taken twice as long, if not for the fact that I had a taxi driver who’d seen the film Taxi once too often. On the short stretch of Autobahn – a few km – the Mercedes E200 hit 177km/h (110mph) in a 100km/h zone, and took the corners at 120 when 60 would have been more sensible. Was he trying to intimidate me, seeing I put the seatbelt on? Sorry, dude, that kind of speed doesn’t register unless you can smell the gearbox oil burning under the floorboards, or the car is leaving parts on the road behind it.

The training course is going extremely well – almost too well, so much so that I’m waiting for something to go wrong in the next few days. The hardware is fine, the only software problems have been interesting and educational upon examination, but my voice is going to be the weak link here: can it hold up for two more days?


Written by brian t

July 5, 2005 at 3:38 pm

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