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things to do in a foreign , starting with W:

  • wibble at the overdubbing of any snippet of anything but German on TV. Movies, news, sitcoms, you name it
  • wallow in the bathtub, listening to podcasts on my laptop: Fly With Me and the BBC Reith Lectures (part 2);
  • watch the World Series of Poker (UK heats). “Pocket Aces” and “The Flop” don’t suffer in the overdubbing;
  • work on my pronunciation of bratwürst, after the room service reception couldn’t grok what I wanted;
  • wonder if the waitress who brought me my bratwürst last night, and served me in the restaurant, was “making eyes” at me.

Anyone who’s seen me, in person or in photograph, will understand that the last-mentioned is a rare experience that needs a little comment. Let’s just say that I don’t need to spend money on protection: it comes bolted-on with contact-free activation. Anyway, it’s not as if there’s any time to work on answering that particular question. A “shark” would know what to do, someone with bigger balls and smaller scruples.

Some poor poker joker just went all-in on his first hand, and all-out for a duck. I think that’s what they call “shooting your bolt”, “dropping a clanger”, or “batting a no-hitter”, according to your locality. Hmmmm…


Written by brian t

July 5, 2005 at 10:24 pm

Posted in germany, philosophy, travel

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