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Once a long evening at work gets past a certain point, I have to start reminding myself to go home – but not before a quick blog update. This evening, up to half an hour ago, was spent on what I call a Blunderbuss case response, or some might call it a Filibuster. I find it necessary when someone involved in a case goes “non-linear” and stops responding to reason or logic, and reverts to passing on the customer’s colicky cries of petulance.

A Blunderbuss is a response so thorough and comprehensive that it should serve to silence any cries of “more!”, both in quantity (words) and quality (technical depth). A reasoned response to a Blunderbuss will not be quick; conversely, a too-quick response means it has not been read through to the end, at which point I stop talking to the person in question until they put in some work of their own.

I have a new work PC on the way to me, after years of struggling with an underpowered relic. I’ve even had to farm out strenuous processes to other systems, anything involving heavy file reads or writes in particular. The new PC is a HP Compaq tc4200 Tablet PC, which I requested because of a long-running interest in the kinds of uses to which I might put it. The guy in this story, Big Head Todd, was given one to play with, and seems to tick all the right boxes. My last notebook is well over three years old and still going strong, but looks like something the cat dragged through a hedge backwards, so “built like a tank” is just what I need to hear.

Though it won’t belong to me, I’ll have full use of it, including on my travels; those will probably take me back to Dubai at the end of this year. I won’t believe I have it until I see it, despite the way I’ve been able to track its progress from the factory near Shanghai, in my general direction. It’s currently sitting in a warehouse outside Dunstable (near Luton, England), because it missed some arbritrary forwarding cut-off time, and the estimated delivery date suddenly changed from Tomorrow to next Tuesday. Hedgehog.

PS: writing a blog entry like this after a 16-hour day is a bad idea: not only did I manage to post it twice, it was riddled with grammatical errors and clumsy sentence construction. D-


Written by brian t

September 20, 2005 at 11:37 pm

Posted in technology, work

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