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After my trip to the orthopaedic specialist last Tuesday, I’m being set up for a date with Magnetic Resonance Imaging in about three weeks’ time, at the Blackrock Clinic south of Dublin.

The visit was not what I expected, in a good way; I was seen a little late, but the consultation was quick and efficient. The specialist ran a few quick tests on me, which told him something about the general state of my nervous system. It showed some hyperactivity – too-quick responses. This, together with the symptoms I was describing, immediately had him filling out a request for a MRI on my cervical spine and upper back, with the form including terms like “cord lesion”. Oh, bugger.

As if that’s not worrying enough, I need to go to the clinic a little early, to get my eyeballs X-Rayed. This has to do with the fact that I worked in a steel factory many years ago; even though I wore protective glasses, and did almost no welding or metalwork, there is still a risk that I have tiny fragments of iron or steel embedded in my eyes. In the intense magnetic field of a MRI scan these could rip their way out of my eye during the scan, or heat up through induction. The specialist didn’t offer any details of what this might be like, and I didn’t ask for any; my imagination tells me all I need to know on this subject, thank you.

I hope the MRI shows something that can be fixed, because while the symptoms – strange nerve sensations across my whole body below the neck, usually when I bend my head forward – are best described as “annoying” today, they are becoming more common, showing up even when sitting in a chair as I am now. This isn’t going away by itself, so I may need to add a new “medical” category to this blog if this goes on much longer.

Written by brian t

October 27, 2005 at 12:47 pm

Posted in medical, philosophy

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