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Heading back to work on Tuesday wasn’t as much of a shock as I thought it might be, and I’ve enjoyed a gentle ramp-up of work. Alarms every morning, but no surprises. It takes two to kick my brain into gear – a radio tuned to the Classical FM station, and the beeper in my iPaq.

As mentioned, I’m heading for a second MRI scan on the 14th, a week on Saturday; until I have results, my life is effectively on hold. Based on what I’ve been told so far, and what the radiologist has been asked to look for, a little internet research immediately pointed at what the neurologist suspects. On a purely medical level I hope I’m wrong, and I hope he is too.

On a mental level, however, the diagnosis I suspect would answer a lot of questions about the past and the present. It would tie together some things that have bugged me, and some I didn’t pay much attention to, things it could be a relief to have an explanation for. I could be totally wrong, so I don’t think I should get into specifics just yet, after speculation on my part. So… back to work.


Written by brian t

January 5, 2006 at 5:29 pm

Posted in medical, philosophy, work

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