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En route to Copenhagen, about 20 minutes behind schedule. As we stewed at the gate, the Captain came on the PA and explained why our departure was delayed: there was a communications problem delaying the processing of our Airbus’s loading documents. It’s a flight from Dublin to Copenhagen, but the papers are processed in Bangkok, he said. A shining example of globalization in action?

I’m almost at the back of the plane, which is unusual for me. It’s not as bad, on this Airbus A321 “flying pencil” as I remember from the last time, on some old Boeing. It did make the takeoff unpleasant, though, and I’m not looking forward to approach and landing. There was a gusty crosswind that had the tail yawing crazily, and sent the plane wobbling almost to the edges of the runway as we passed V1.

I’m not overstating the case, this was evident on the cabin monitors, showing the gyrating view forward from the nosewheel. Another down-and-forward camera is now showing the thready Stratus over the North Sea. The monitor sometimes shows live position and speed data. (11280m or 37000ft up, 850km/h or 527mph ground speed.)

Otherwise, the experience of flying SAS is barely distinguishable from Aer Lingus last month: Flight Attendants come in all shapes and sizes, I was served instant coffee (€2), by a hirsute gentlemen who bent the floor as he went by. At least he offered a refill at no charge.


Written by brian t

May 30, 2006 at 12:20 pm

Posted in technology, travel

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