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Ah, Copenhagen. Where else could all the following happen to me in the space of a few hours?

  • a walk along the Strøget, where global brands mingle incongruently with small local businesses;
  • sampling some local fast food: røt knæk mit pøls (sausage & bread) and a bizarrely-named lemonade; the lemonade was like water, the sausage was frank-ly awful;
  • using the excellent public transport system, which has a limited-time pass system much like that found in New York;
  • meeting a local pervert, while crossing the road at Rådhuspladsen. In just about the most public place in the whole of Denmark – Copenhagen’s answer to Piccadilly Circus or Times Square – this walking cliché was apparently trying to get me to drop my trousers, so he could play with their contents. I don’t know what he was expecting to find in there, it may have been my choice of underwear that gave him a false expectation. Either that or he was genuniely subhuman, and will not survive on the streets much longer. If he had touched me you would have seen an Atheist acting out a scene from the Old Testament, religion not a factor.

Copenhagen Harbour Architecture 1Despite this, Copenhagen passes an ad hoc “friendly city” test, much as Paris, London and Lisbon do (and Dublin and Porto do not). This time it involved my journey to Nyhavn to meet up with the reboot crowd for the boat cruise around the harbour. I managed to miss the bus stop, and had to walk through an unfamiliar part of town, in the general direction of my destination. Not only was my dead reckoning on the mark, I got there in plenty of time. A grand evening it was too, and I have many photos of the striking bayside architecture to post, when I get back to Dublin next Monday.


Written by brian t

June 1, 2006 at 8:36 pm

Posted in culture, travel

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