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Until recently I was a member of The National Midday Sun, a forum for Rush fans in Europe, but a week ago I cancelled my account there. There’s been a bit of speculation about why I left, so I thought I should say something about it here.

There were a few threads that got me asking questions about why I was on there. With the possible exception of the thread about English grammar, it’s probably not the ones you might expect. So I decided to take some time away from the forum, which mostly coincided with some travelling I was doing, first to France, then to London. After a month, I thought about getting involved again.

The problem I saw was that, while I joined TNMS for discussion about the band Rush, particularly the music, very little of that goes on there these days. It’s partly because the band are quiet, recording a new album. TNMS, however, is more of a social network; one that I was not part of, because it centred around pub gatherings in the UK, while I’m in Ireland and sick of pubs.

I came to the conclusion that TNMS was costing me a lot of time and effort, which wasn’t doing the forum any good, and for which I was getting nothing in return. I’m not such a drama queen that I’d flounce off just because the conversation gets a bit robust – heck knows I did my share of “brute force and ignorance” posting. In the end, though, it just didn’t add up without the other channel of communication – the pub gatherings that I have no interest in.

For me it’s all about the music, and my appreciation of it remains as strong as ever. If I was to play one Rush song today, it would be Grand Designs, from the album Power Windows. The lyrics seem apposite – but that’s not a dig at anyone, honest! 8)


Written by brian t

July 28, 2006 at 8:53 pm

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  1. Hi Brian, I don’t know you as Brian only as Stereoroid on TNMS. I was a little down and disappointed when I learned you had left us. For me TNMS is a RUSH european community of people from different backgrounds and different countries. I think we all get on quite well but there are occasions when things are taken the wrong way or out of context. Some folks on the group have mouths bigger than their brains but thank goodness they are in a minority.

    Generally TNMS are a great band of folks and if you stay away it will be our loss. I sincerely hope you return and make our lives richer by it.

    Best Wishes,
    derrydale (Derek)
    PS: No bullshit, I did enjoy reading through your website

    > brian t sez: I’ve since posted a bit more of an explanation, and I hope it’s clear that I didn’t leave for any specific reason, it was more of a realization that I’m just out of place in that environment, and may be expecting too much. But I’m still here and rocking… 8)


    July 28, 2006 at 6:15 pm

  2. Hello Brian,

    I’m sorry to read on here (and TNMS) that you have decided to leave the site. 😥

    I know what you mean though. It’s a shame that you feel that you don’t have anything in common with the other members of TNMS but I think you may be wrong there.

    For one, you are a Rush fan and so are around 95% of users on TNMS. I agree with you about not much music chat going on there at the moment but as you said, it’s because of Rush being in the studio writing/recording their new album. But if new topics are started about the music of Rush then more often than not, there will be some new posts from people wishing to talk about that particular subject.

    However, you have made your decision to leave the site and I for one, am sorry to see you go.

    I started a new thread on General Chat English about why had you cancelled your membership.

    I always enjoyed reading your posts and always had something tactful (and sometimes amusing) to say.

    Take care mate.


    > brian t sez: thanks for the kind words. I honestly didn’t mean to cause any consternation there, I just thought it best to make a clean break for it, but didn’t expect anyone to notice. I’ve removed your email address from the comment – now I have it, no need to make you a “spam target”, any more than you already are..!

    Oor Wullie (TNMS)

    July 30, 2006 at 2:19 pm

  3. Brian

    I am certainly sorry to see you leave. Where I live, I too am unable to frequent the pub meets. I would if I could but I suspect that you would not. We started TNMS 4 years ago as a forum for RUSH. That is still the primary reason why I go there. To talk RUSH. It was born out of Me, Ash & Chris Q’s trip to the VT tour. Stew decided to get a forum up rather than constant emails flying around.

    If you are able to attend this years convention in Crewe I would be very happy to sit down and have a drink and chat with you. Unfortunately you have your medical issues as I have mine. Both intelligent nonetheless and striving to better ourselves in our chosen professions & vocations despite the odds against us.

    Good on you sir I say.



    August 1, 2006 at 2:14 pm

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