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Having a lazy Sunday at home, though it’s not over yet, and I may just take my camera out if the sun deigns to make an appearance. My chili recipe needs more work, and I need a bigger pot to cook it in, but today’s was definitely satisfying despite being a little short on heat.

The switch to as my web provider, is definitely on, but it’s not going to happen just yet. They have approved my request, and I now have a “Domain Mapping” option, but I want to be able to migrate the main WordPress content from here to there, a facility not quite yet available in the standalone version. It’s due real soon now, and I will have the luxury of testing it before I make the final DNS change, taking out the entries that point at my current hosting provider.

I have no travel scheduled in the near future. After five trips and twelve flights so far this year, I’m quite happy with that. The glamour and excitement has finally gone, though I’ve not quite joined the world of the Accidental Tourist, the business traveller who aims to reduce the impact of travel to the point where it feels like you never left home. I like seeing new places, but flying has become more of a hassle as it has become cheaper, and the latest terrorist-driven restrictions are seriously putting me off unnecessary trips.

As long as the current sitution lasts, I’ll put off my tentative trip to the Shetlands. It’s not the best year for it, being at the bottom of the solar cycle means that Northern Lights are not going to be likely. A flight to Aberdeen is not much more than an hour by Ryanair, but the alternative methods look awful. From Glasgow to Dublin by bus-ferry-bus took eight hours,when I did it back in 2001. It may be possible to shave a couple of hours off that by using trains, but the train from Glasgow to Aberdeen is another three hours on top of that. (I always prefer trains to road travel, since I have been known to get carsick in stop-start traffic!)

Apart from that, there is not much news to report. Things are happening on the job front, but I’m not being affected as yet. It is fairly clear that I have no career path in my current position, and while it might be possible to find a different position in the company, that is complicated by my lack of formal qualifications and lack of experience specific to what is required. These days Sales and Marketing are getting all the attention, while functions related to … actually doing things … can be done more cheaply in other countries.

Ireland was once the “other country” – that is the reason I am here at all, a reason that is fast disappearing. Not that I’m complaining: as a place to Live, Ireland has been a seriious disappointment to me. I’d like to think I can live (lower case) anywhere, and I probably can, but it would be nice to have a Life, somewhere.


Written by brian t

August 13, 2006 at 3:36 pm

Posted in travel, web design

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