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Last night, after Matt from WordPress kindly fixed the Domain Mapping to point here, I bit the bullet and switched over, by taking out the DNS entries that pointed at my previous web hoster. Here’s a summary of what has changed and what hasn’t:

  • Old blog entries are not yet transferred over: that will only happen after I can upgrade the old site to WordPress 2.1, the first version that will support exporting in the XML format used for importing into (This is a new feature pioneered on, probably because the administrators didn’t want users of the hosted system to have to deal with the MySQL database format used there.)

As before, images used on this site fall roughly in to two categories:

  • Incidental images added to normal posts and pages: these will use the upload process provided with WordPress
  • Photographs and other large images: these go to the Picasa Web Gallery referenced to the right, from where they can be linked in to posts and pages, or viewed in place.

In both cases I will need to re-upload and relink them all, but I will be using the gallery more. I’ve found Picasa Web so useful, and quick, that I’ve already uploaded all the photographs I had online before, in a matter of minutes, yesterday. The captions are missing, I will fix those over time.

I’ve yet to see if ZIP files are supported for upload to WordPress directly. I suspect not, because a ZIP file can contain anything, and could therefore be used for piracy or other nefarious purposes. There’s a general restriction on file hosting through free services for those reasons, even for little sound files such as the samples I put up for download. If it doesn’t work I will see what I can do, or just do without them.


Written by brian t

August 16, 2006 at 1:24 pm

Posted in sitenews

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