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The move to a new site, still going on at the moment, is going to cause some disruption to other people, too: those who had set up direct links to items on this site, mostly images used on other sites. People have been taking some of my work and using it directly from their pages. When someone loaded their page, it included a direct call to my site for the image, which then appeared on their site.

I didn’t mind this, because the amount of traffic didn’t exceed the limits I was paying for, and it was interesting to see all the MySpace users with my pictures as their backgrounds. Well, that is still possible, but I don’t have the same “flat” image storage that I used to have, any more. If anyone wants to keep doing that, they will have to go to the image gallery, find the picture they want, and get the new link from there.

I haven’t yet figured out what to do with the “b3ta bodges”, the modified images and animations i put together for They’re mostly animated GIFs, which Picasa Web will not allow me to upload, probably for reasons related to the patent on the LZW compression used there – even though there has been no need for concern for two years now. Lawyers…

I may up putting them on a static page, uploading each file to WordPress individually, but that will not be quick, and will not put the pictures at the same locations as before.

Written by brian t

August 20, 2006 at 4:54 pm

Posted in internet, sitenews

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