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One nice feature of is that they encourage you to open up multiple logs, all manageable under a single account. This is a general blog, so I talk about anything and everything here, but I’ve also opened up two additional blogs recently on more specific topics:

  • music slaves: in which I will highlight old and new cases of people in the music industry who have been exploited under harsh contracts;
  • found poetry: something I’ve long been a fan of, because it’s fun to “frame” something that takes on whole new meanings when pulled out of context and given the label “art”.

In other news: my first eBay sale has gone very well so far: the auction closed earlier this evening with a sale price better than I was hoping for. If I do a rough exchange rate calculation, I just sold a compressor/limiter for around the same price I paid for it – which is right, because it’s in a brand-new condition.

Lastly, negotiations have started with the aim of getting me to visit Bangalore later this year, to deliver a couple of training courses. As I kept telling my boss: I’m not terribly enthusiastic about the idea, but it’s not an unreasonable request, especially on an all-expenses-paid basis. Half of the people I work with locally have been already.

The folks I’ll be training will be doing the same job as me – and skills transfer is part of the reason for me to go – but the situation is no longer as clearcut as it was a while ago, when it looked like we’d be training people to replace us. The reality of the Indian job market is making its presence felt: despite the burgeoning numbers of people entering IT over there, it’s hard to find people with the levels of knowledge and troubleshooting skills we need, and just as hard to keep them from being poached by other companies after we spend money on training them further. Hey. the way salaries are rising over there, I suppose I’m not looking as expensive as I’m led to believe.


Written by brian t

September 7, 2006 at 10:12 pm

Posted in india, internet, life, poetry, work

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