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I have a cellphone account, and a shiny new phone, the HTC S620 Smartphone I wrote about earlier. OK, it looks a little dorky when held up to my face, but work it does. It’s good enough for that, since it’s rare that I need to make long personal calls, and I work in an office (I’m not a “road warrior”).

So, after all the communication going on at work, and through email, most months I don’t make much of a dent in the free minutes and SMS messages supplied with my contract. I have considered changing cellphone plan to give me fewer minutes and more SMSes, but a new plan means a new contract, according to O2 Ireland, and I don’t know which country I will be living in in six months, never mind twelve.

What is a boy to do? How can I use up all those free SMS messages? I think I’ve found a way: it’s called Twitter, and I’ve added its RSS feed in the sidebar here. I don’t know if this type of application has a name, but I’m calling it microblogging. It does sounds like a fad – are there really people blogging every detail of their lives? Well, I won’t be doing that, and after the test messages, I’ll do it if I have the means, motive and opportunity. (Which reminds me: I should try the Flick + blog updating method again.)


Written by brian t

December 17, 2006 at 6:13 am

Posted in blogging, technology

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