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This site is certified 24% EVIL by the Gematriculator This site is certified 76% GOOD by the Gematriculator

No, it’s not real: the Gematriculator is a spoof Numerology analyser for web pages or text. Well, if this says good things about the site, I can’t take much of the credit: it’s analysing the underlying HTML code too, and most of that is generated by and the Theme I use.

My two years of pill-popping have started: so far I have three bottles of capsules from America, complete with Federal warning labels, each with about a month’s supply of… a lot, a little, or nothing. The capsules are the smallest I’ve ever seen, so small it’s hard to imagine anyone having trouble taking them. Since I have to take one a day, I’ve set up alarm reminders, which means I won’t be forgetting to take my vitamins, either.

I spent most of the day just sitting around, and was able to write a few thousand words of… well, that’s for another day. There was no internet access, so no normal work was possible, but I could take coffee breaks. The worst parts of yesterday’s hospital visit were the ECG exams. (Electrocardiogram, also known as EKG.) I had one in the morning, before the first dose of medicine, and another later in the evening.

If you know about the ECG, you might be asking: what’s the problem? It’s quick, non-invasive, and all you need to do is lie still. Well, all that is true, but in my case the problem is preparation. I’m male, so I don’t get the luxury of modesty: I’m lying on a trolley with my shirt off, while everyone and their sister walks past, or pokes their noses in to say Hi! to the nurse. A pretty female nurse, who has to repeatedly reattach electrodes that refuse to stick to my hairy chest. It took alcohol swabs, surgical tape, and a threat to break out the razor and shaving cream, before they held still long enough for a minute’s data.

What I said before about being patient number one turned out to be untrue: I was the first going in, true, but the last going out with a bottle of pills. Well, not quite the last, because I made a new friend yesterday: Cathy, who stayed a little longer than me, and whom I will hopefully see again, on my next visit in two weeks’ time. After the first hour, during which we both failed to present any symptoms whatsoever, we went out for lunch. We also hung out during the day – but not while she was having her ECG: she, at least, got to enjoy a little modesty.


Written by brian t

July 20, 2007 at 7:32 pm

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  1. I was killing some time looking for stuff about fingolimod (the drug with the ugliest name in the world) when I discovered your blog. I’m still in the prescreening phase with my first screening appointments in the Seattle area in a couple of weeks. My mom has had mild relapsing MS for about 12 years with no treatment, and my case is mild and symptoms so far are weird rather than debilitating, so I feel like you do…I can afford to take the chance of getting the placebo. Bummer to pass up 312 shots of Rebif. Not really.

    The clincher for me is all the free care! My diagnosis was in March and the bills are killing me. With only a $500 deductible and 80% of procedures covered…well, 20% of the cost of two full sets of MRIs, spinal tap, neurologist exams, steroid infusions…let’s just say it still adds up, even with decent insurance. The clinical trial is going to save me thousands and thousands.

    But quite a nuisance. I will miss a lot of work since the clinic is about 5 hours’ drive from me.

    Good luck to you…stay in remission and I hope the little bitty pills work out. I will be popping in now and then to see how you’re doing.



    April 23, 2008 at 2:38 am

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