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  • vermeer 2000
  • citizen kanye
    it's citizen kanye
  • the latest British weaponry: Combined Heavy Artillery Vehicle
    M0A0 CHAV
  • one for the vegans
    chicken soup for the vegetarian soul
  • mature tweed fantasy
  • for those “industrial” cases
    sterling silver speculum by D&C
  • obigma = big obama
    it's a big obama
  • a call out to my friends in Houston:

    I Don't Like Ike

    I Don't Like Ike

  • does exactly what it says in the HTML
  • why… I’ll… I’ll
  • the fat
  • 10% gradient
    10% gradient sign
    10% gradient motion
  • it’s
  • give way
    No Way!
  • heavy load
    like the sign says
  • evolution in currency
    how our financial system evolved
  • celebrity dog food
    Celebrity Pet Food Rules
  • a lady’s age
  • you CAD!

  • we don’t need no steenking seats
    Hang on..!
  • ook!
    king of the apes
  • a sad day for the future HAL9000 mini-GIF
    Sir Arthur C Clarke, 1907-2008
  • earth trek
    a trek start
    transporter problems
    stop doing Ashley Judd on the Transporter Console!
  • g-raf
    the g-raf
  • dennis and gnasher
    dennis & gnasher
  • blondie, updated
    blondie 1
    blondie 2
    blondie 3
  • join p3ta today!
    join p3ta today!
  • chompaq
    chompaq (small)
  • got american expense?
    american expense
  • kate silvertache
    kate silvertache
  • awww…
    unhappy toast
  • beasties
  • the zwan
    the zwan
  • are we there yet?
  • koyannisqatsi, with subtitles
  • go, boris!
    go, boris!
  • bogart and baacall
    bogart and baa-call
  • no particular reason
    animation testing
  • do you speak micra?
    do you speak micra?
  • a crimson king
    a crimson king
  • one may dream?
  • merry bloody xmas!
    merry bloody xmas
  • what’s japanese for “bite me”?
    bite me 2
  • spongebob in clover
    spongebob in heaven
  • nocturnal deconstruction
    nom nom nom
  • boeing… boeing… boeing… whee!
  • logo?
  • in a flap
    “Tower, hurry up with that gate?”
  • shark meets helicopter
    shark meets helicopter
  • sashimi fish: christians beware!
    sashimi fish
  • nuts


  • my name is floyd…
    he’s floyd… and he’s pink
  • osama
    Osama, Bin-Laden
  • harry says…
    bandwagon harry says… relax harry says…get back to work
  • redex


  • woo! yay! hoopla!

woo yay pb100 woo yay tiles woo yay solitaire woo yay semaphore woo yay redex


Written by brian t

September 9, 2006 at 1:06 am

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  1. […] on the personal front, and the real news can be read on BBC, CNN, and Al-Jazeera. I did do a new b3ta bodge on Wednesday evening, in response to a hoax image I keep seeing, the one with a shark attacking a […]

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